How To Make A Homemade Lego Costume

Creating a Halloween costume from scratch can be fun and a good way to spend time with your kids, friends and/or family. One of the best costumes to make from scratch is a Lego Halloween costume as it's simple, cheap and turns out great! There are plenty of different homemade lego costumes that you can make including lego pieces, lego men or even a lego building. The picture to the right is from Craftzine.

Here are instructions on how to make a Lego Piece Halloween costume.
The costume should take approximately 1-4 hours. , however,

Items Needed:
Cardboard Box - The box should be approximately the torso length of your child. As well, it should be slightly larger than the width of their shoulders.
6 Paper Cups
Glue / Glue gun
Tape measure
Paint Brush
Matching shirt, gloves and pants.

How To Create Lego Pieces Costume
Place box on the floor as it will be worn
Remove the bottom of the box
Cut a circle in the top of the box your head size
Cut arm holes on the side of the box - Best to put the box on and select where you want the arms to come out (for comfort)
Paint box desired color
Glue on 6 paper cups to the front of the box
Paint paper cups

To assemble the whole costume simply wear matching clothing to your paint and put on the Lego piece! If you are having troubles coming up with the costume you can always search for a pre-made costume. We recommend Amazon who has Over 10,000 Halloween Costumes for 2017 - Why Shop Anywhere Else?

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